sexta-feira, 22 de abril de 2011


Euphoric Aerosmith / Humble Pie-worshippers come good.

Small Stone Records have an unerring talent of unearthing firebrand rock bands with a protean ability to blow ones socks off with all the robust force of a typhoon and recent signings 'The Brought Low' are no exception. These sticky fingered New Yorker's crank out refried honky tonk shimmy shake with all the hard rockin' bravura of vintage Aerosmith.

The Brought Low - Right on Time Joyously "Right on Time" is far from mere Stonesian nostalgia as this album smoulders with a myriad of bluesy guitar hip shakers and if y'all fancy getting' high an' wired this weekend one could do a lot worse than cranking up the full bloodied, 'Blues for Cubby' with it's hep cat syntax and sassy Foghat grunt that translates into one big ass good time.

'Tell Me' is probably their most incandescent ode, Benjamin Howard Smith's lucid guitar lines are super-charged with enough feisty Joe Perry shuck an' frug to burn off Daisy Duke's hot pants, a deliriously infectious barroom meltdown that should inspire libidinous movement in even the most conservative of muscles.

The Brought Low are a euphoric rock n' roll rebirth somewhere betwixt the incorrigible scuzz bag blues of Johnny Thunders and the anthemic, exultant pissed up boogatron of Humble Pie. 'Right on Time' will shake more than your moneymaker, daddio! [As an addendum vocalist, Benjamin Howard Smith's delivery is extraordinarily similar to the idiosyncratic pitch of the legendary singer-songwriter, Kevin Coyne, quite startling and unexpected really].

September, 2006


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  1. Hard rock com toques sulistas, segue rip em 320 com o artcover completo, um presente do amigo VanCleef.