sábado, 16 de abril de 2011


Like a Four wheel Drive, Hogjaw, have taken the off-road into the music industry head-on. Brandishing they’re own trail of rock & roll, Hogjaw, have brought back the sound of pure listening. Cranking tunes and bringing music back for the people that can be understood by all walks. With vocals telling stories, guitar blazing & drums thundering: Hogjaw’s debut record’s “Devil in the Details”& “Ironwood” are going to come at you like a freight train of sound! Hailing from the desert land of Arizona – Hogjaw is bringing in the rock from the Southwest. The quartet includes; Jonboat Jones (vocals/guitar), Kreg Self (lead guitar), Elvis DD (Bass) & J. "Kwall" Kowalski (drums) deliver a dose of genuine rocking goodness. Hogjaw was formed in late 2006 through the power of jamming…” when we realized what we had, it just snowballed.” Everyone in the band are standing friends from High School with one common goal, rocking, it became almost instant for the music to develop. With years of playing in label bands, touring afar, and playing beat-up acoustic guitars in and around the hills, these guys find their talents on a way of their own. It is spoken through the songs…and with support from everyone surrounding Hogjaw….things couldn’t be more fun for the group! (myspace)

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  1. Primeira postagem que faço para este novo blog, totalmente voltado para os sons pós 70. De comum com o antigo e ainda vivo "6070Rock.blogspot" fica a tendência natural aos sons pesados (folk, progressivos melosos e outras babas: FORA !!!).

    Hogjaw, como da para sacar pelo vídeo, faz um southern rock pesadão com toques de ZZ TOP. Este é o primeiro disco dos caras, de 2008. O segundo (Ironwood 2010), também é legal mas acho mais fraquinho.

    Não tenho as capas completas, somente a da frente, mas foi ripado em FLAC e passado para 320kbps, garantindo a qualidade da cópia.

    É isso: ROCK ON